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Alpaca Youth Paraders


Alpaca Youth Paraders is a competition based program, that is a fun and educational way to learn more about alpacas. Paraders welcomes ages 7-26 in a range of different difficulty levels. There are limited shows that paraders are held annually, but welcome everyone willing to participate in the events when they are held. Every paraders event comprises of two major events; showmanship and stockmanship.

Showmanship involves the handler to correctly parade the animal into a simulated show ring and lead the animal into position, just as you would in a halter show. In this part of the competition the handler will experience what it is like being in the halter show ring, but instead of the animal being judged, the handler is being judged on their skills, relationship and overall handling of the animal. In this event, the handlers knowledge is tested briefly in a one-on-one examination of the animal. This section is designed to demonstrate the handler's level of proficiency in the preparation, presentation, handling and understanding of their alpaca.


Stockmanship involves the handler to maneuver the alpaca around an obstacle course which aims to simulate conditions that are frequently encountered in the alpaca's daily life. The handler must complete all stations in the course while demonstrating the existence of a relationship of trust and cooperation between the handler and alpaca. The difficulty of the course will change for the different age groups and skill divisions.

The skill divisions available to compete in are:

  • Introductory Division (Non-Competitive)
    This division is open to any age group in the competition. This division is great for people who have never handled an alpaca before. In this division the handler will be assisted by an experienced handler and their trained animal.

  • Preliminary Division
    This division is offered in all four age groups (7-26), it is designed for handlers and/or alpacas with little experience. This division is conducted in the same manner as the open division, however they do give tips and support to the handler whilst in the ring. This division also gives the handler's the opportunity to win place ribbons and championship and reserve championship ribbons. The handler achieving the highest overall point score will be awarded as Supreme Champion Preliminary Parader.

  • Open Division
    This division is also offered in all four age groups (7-26) and is best suited for advanced handlers. In open division the judges give little guidance and support to the handler whilst they are competing in the ring. In this division the handler will also have the chance to compete for place, championship, reserve championship and supreme championship ribbons. As the level of difficulty is raised in this division, handlers are also able to compete for the 'Trainer Award' if they have personally trained the animal they are competing with. The recipients of the trainer awards from all age groups have the opportunity to be awarded 'Master Trainer' this is awarded to the highest point scoring handler.

Kayla and Elisha's first ever show competing at NATIONAL level!!! The Australian Alpaca Spectacular 2017 was a blast and we can't wait for next year!! 

Kayla and Elisha's wonderful result at the 2016 Bellarine Agricultural Show, where Alpaca Youth Paraders was the hit of the day!

Kayla and Elisha's Successes

Kayla and Elisha have been very successful in their Alpaca Youth Parader competitions during their short time of competing, since mid 2015. They have both been awarded broad ribbons, and multiple first, second and third places. During their experiences in the paraders competitions, Kayla and Elisha have both grown more confident and comfortable with handling alpacas of many sizes. It is through these competitions that Kayla and Elisha have learnt many valuable skills for the future in developing their stud. 

Between Kayla and Elisha, they have been awarded:

  • 2x Supreme Champion

  • 8x Age Group Champions

  • 4x Age Group Reserve Champions

  • 17x First Placings

  • 11x Second Placings 

  • 5x Third Placings

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